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The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Renée Zellweger talks about the series "What/If"; actress Mary McCormack guest co-hosts.
Let's Make a Deal (HD, New, TV-PG) Audience members wearing wacky costumes are selected to participate in games where they may have to choose between the item they are given or an unknown prize.
Dr. Phil Angie's Demands: DNA Test, a Polygraph or a Confession. Is Joe Cheating? (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Phil continues to speak with a woman who is convinced her husband of 23 years is having an affair with a 21-year-old woman despite his denial.

Bewitched A Vision of Sugar Plums (TV-G) An orphan boy spends Christmas with the Stephenses, and his belief in Santa Claus is restored when Sam flies him to the North Pole to meet the Jolly Old Elf.
Bewitched It's Magic (TV-G) Samantha hires an alcoholic magician to perform at the hospital bazaar when she is appointed as the Entertainment Chairman for the Hospital Fund Auxilary.
Welcome Back Kotter Career Day (TV-PG) During the school's Career Day, Kotter is offered a high-paying position with a Japanese businessman, which pays three times what he makes as a teacher.
Soap (TV-PG) After learning that she is dying, Jessica plans to forgive everyone in the family before she passes, including Chester; Jodie's custody battle continues.
Benson Marcy's Wedding (TV-PG) When Marcy and the television producer, Dan, decide to marry, Benson is put in charge of their wedding but encounters problems when Marcy's mother arrives.
227 Babes in the Woods (TV-PG) While Mary and Sandra are on a hike with the Buttercups, they hear about a woman who has escaped from a mental institution and is on the loose in the park.

FBI: Criminal Pursuit Dangerous Obsessions (HD, TV-14) A prominent businessman mysteriously vanishes after leaving home for work, and it is later discovered that he has been abducted and held for ransom.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Missing in Missouri (HD, TV-14) A small community becomes gripped with shock when two boys vanish in the fall of 2002, prompting police to launch into a search for a child abductor.
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Shots Fired (HD, TV-14) Local law enforcement officials are joined by the FBI in a multi-state pursuit of the culprit responsible for a shooting at a Los Angeles community center.

10 Things You Don't Know About The Almighty Dollar (HD, TV-PG) Host Henry Rollins learns how money was first printed, why coins have ridges, stories of wishing wells, the national debt and the government burning money.
Dual Survival Belly of the Beast (HD, TV-14) The guys must escape a labyrinth of caves beneath the mountains of Romania, but dying headlamps and opposing techniques hinder their efforts.
Dual Survival Castaways (HD, TV-14) The guys are stranded on an island in Fiji, and as they brave storms, sharks, limited resources and more, they reveal how to make it back to civilization.
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