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THV11 News @ 10P (New) Impactful, unique news and weather information from THV11 – This Is Home.
Cardinals Insider Cardinals Insider is the official TV show of the St. Louis Cardinals providing fans with behind-the-scenes content straight from the team.
The Blake Anderson Show Show featuring Arkansas State University's head football coach and hosted by Matt Stolz and provide an in-depth view of the 2015 Red Wolves' football team.
Elementary Worth Several Cities (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson become involved in an international treasure hunt; Watson considers helping Shinwell with a personal matter.
Person of Interest Identity Crisis (HD, TV-14) The Machine issues an identity that seems to apply to two people with nothing otherwise in common and Detective Carter is no longer taking their calls.

Soap (TV-PG) Danny continues to run from the Godfather, while Dennis and Jodie's relationship takes a turn for the worst; Mary can't bring herself to get in the mood.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Peter Falk; actress Victoria Principal; comedian Robert Klein.
Bewitched Darrin Gone! and Forgotten? (TV-G) Endora arranged a marriage for Samantha years ago and puts her daughter in a bind when her betrothed's mother shows up and makes Darrin disappear.
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie, the Matchmaker (TV-G) Jeannie and Tony attempt to help Roger out by setting him up on a date in hopes that he discovers the same kind of happiness they have found with each other.

Real Interrogations Unlocked Secrets (TV-14) When a young woman is reported missing after spending time in a local bar, police discover she was last seen conversing with two male patrons.
Real Interrogations Death in the Family (TV-14) Police believe an 87-year-old man was murdered by one of his relatives and proceed to question that particular member of the family in regards to the incident.
Real Interrogations Deadly Betrayal (TV-14) When a man is implicated in his ex-wife's murder, his family provides the authorities with the advantage by refusing to help him cover up his misdeeds.
Real Interrogations No Reason to Die (TV-14) A construction site conceals the abandoned corpse of an 18-year-old woman that is discovered by a worker and later suspected to be the result of domestic abuse.
Panic 9-1-1 I'm in the Back of a Truck (HD, TV-14) A 50-year-old man calls the police after two masked men break into his house; a female college student is kidnapped and locked in the bed of a stolen truck.

Command Decisions Battle of Inchon (TV-PG) After North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, American general Douglas MacArthur led United Nation forces in a strategic amphibious assault targeting Inchon.
Command Decisions The Tet Offensive (TV-PG) When North Vietnam launched a surprise attack on South Vietnam during a cease-fire, American leaders faced a difficult choice concerning their counterattack.
Command Decisions The Six Day War (TV-PG) Viewers are taken inside the various, strategic positions of war commanders during famous battles throughout the course of history.
Command Decisions Battle of Gettysburg (TV-PG) After Confederate General Robert E. Lee won a series of battles against the North, Union General George Meade faced him at the crucial Battle of Gettysburg.
Command Decisions Battle of Little Big Horn (TV-PG) In Montana in 1876, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull led the Sioux tribes against the American military to keep railroads off their land during the Gold Rush.
Command Decisions Battle of Hastings (TV-PG) The son of the Duke of Normandy and King Edwards brother-in-law battled for England's throne after King Edward died without an heir to succeed him.
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