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Person of Interest Proteus (HD, TV-14) When the machine produces six numbers at once, Reese and Finch travel to a coastal town where they are forced to sit out a storm with a group of locals.
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Cars.TV (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A glimpse into the world of automobile technology featuring interviews with people who design, create and collect hot cars.
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« Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson performs a variety of comedy routines, monologues, and interviews an array of celebrities.
Bewitched Samantha the Sculptress (TV-G) Endora stirs things up again when she creates two living statues in the likeness of both Larry and Darrin set in the Morning Glory Circle.
I Dream of Jeannie Hurricane Jeannie (TV-G) Roger and Dr. Bellows spend the night with the Nelsons because of a hurricane and he becomes concerned when he begins to see strange things happening.
McHale's Navy The Rage of Taratupa (TV-PG) After being temporarily reassigned to Taratupa, a responsibility-shirking musical artist accidentally gets captured by a Japanese patrol.
The Jack Benny Program Violin Lessons (TV-G) A psychiatrist asks Jack for some help with one of his distraught patients; Jack recognizes the familiar face as a long-suffering former violin teacher.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie Discovers George's Secret Weakness (TV-G) Gracie reads an article that says that all men have a secret weakness and decides she wants to find her husbands vice; she does so by asking everyone they know.

Real Interrogations 30 Pieces of Silver (TV-14) A rich businessman is killed in his own home, and police can find no sign of burglary; investigators begin to suspect the man's 17 year old son.
Panic 9-1-1 Get Out of the Van and Run (HD, TV-14) Taxi driver calls 911 after watching her last passenger commit a violent crime; pregnant woman trapped in a fire realizes she might not be the only one inside.
The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice Pride and Joy (TV-PG) A prosecutor and his mom, who is a police department employee, coordinate the investigation of serial killings that led to two successful murder convictions.
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The Aviators Canada's Largest Airport (HD, TV-G) The world of aviation is explored, including new aircraft designs, the latest GPS technologies, accident and safety awareness, airline profiles and getaways.
Mission Demolition (TV-PG) Viewers are provided with an inside perspective of a group of soldier recruits as they enroll in the U.S. Army's Sapper Leader Course.
Mission Demolition (TV-PG) A class of soldier recruits goes through the U.S. Army's Sapper Leader Course in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where they participate in arduous training.
Modern Marvels Inside Your Walls (HD, TV-PG) Examined are technological advancements, pests and safety features that can be found in the walls of structures, along with equipment for seeing behind walls.
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