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Dr. Chris Pet Vet A Week with Wiek (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Chris goes to Thailand to work with Edwin Wiek, who specializes in taking care of a wide diversity of animals, many of whom are homeless and abused.
CBS News Sunday Morning (HD, New, TV-G) Correspondent Ted Koppel interviews White House spokesman Sean Spicer and radio host Sean Hannity; correspondent Martha Teichner meets with actor Danny DeVito.
Face the Nation (HD, New, TV-G) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.); Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.); former Secretary of State George Shultz; journalist Ron Brownstein; author Juliet Eilperin.
The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Dog Food Chef (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Mo meets a chef who cooks for pets; a look at concrete that conducts electricity; a look at Henry Ford's first car; a look at a new kind of water bottle.

The Monkees Monkees Chow Mein (TV-G) The band discovers that a villainous plot is being arranged at a local Chinese restaurant they frequent, so they make their own plan to stop it.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey the Patient (TV-G) Ellie calls their childs pediatrician who, during the visit to the apartment, becomes concerned about Joey Seniors sore throat; Joey gets hospitalized.
The Joey Bishop Show Joey vs. Oscar Levant (TV-G) Everyone in the apartment building wants to avoid one of their neighbors when he complains constantly; Ellie invites him to stay for a couple days.
Hazel How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Minutes (TV-G) Hazel wants to take a weight loss course but needs the extra money in order to do so; to earn the money required, Hazel starts to sell real estate for Steve.
Hazel Do Not Disturb Occupants (TV-G) The Baxters sell their home, but quickly regret making the transaction.
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Penny Collection (TV-G) Despite his uneasiness towards sharing a hobby with the troublesome youngster, Mr. Wilson agrees to help Dennis in starting his own collection of rare pennies.

« Extreme Forensics Heavy Metal (HD, TV-14) When train passengers notice a woman's body lying near a railroad, the only clues surrounding her death are a cigarette package and shards of metal on her coat.
I, Detective Cradle Will Rock (TV-14) Two adoptive parents have been found murdered in their bedroom while their eight month old child sleeps in the next room.
I, Detective Behind Mansion Walls (TV-14) A wealthy woman has been found dead in her home; the police believe that the womans killer possibly knew her in life; her family members become suspects.
Food for Thought with Claire Thomas Appetizers (TV-G) Claire creates simple small plate appetizers; she makes a platter of hummus and vegetables, then she makes her version of guacamole, quesadillas and salsa.
Food for Thought with Claire Thomas Salads (TV-G) Claire makes a hearty roasted vegetable salad, and her spin on a pasta salad; musician Nathan Pacheco joins Claire to help her make one of his family's dishes.
Wild About Animals (TV-G) Hosts Mariette Hartley and Kris Chandler use their expertise to present a number of features about various species of wildlife from around the world.
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